EACSN Architecture Studio
Hospital de Burela

Hospital de Burela
Burela, Spain. 2018

Promoter: Servizo Galego de Saúde
Master plan: 2015
Project for Phase 1: 2016
Structural design: Berra Ingenieros
M & E: Everproject S.L., Euring Ingenieros, ISSUN
Contractor: S.A. de Obras y Servicios COPASA

Budget: 7.100.840 €
Built area (new plan+renovation): 10.050 m2
Completion date of Phase 1: 2018

The contract for the Master Plan was awarded to EACSN in public tender, in 2014. The plan set the basis for the renovation and extension of the hospital, to adapt it functionally and technically to current standards, to be able respond to the estimated activity, in three phases.

The extension encloses the day hospital, patient wards, OPD and functional trials. Also a parking building and a helipad.

The renovation will affect almost all hospital services (dialysis, wards, neonatology, day surgery, emergency, pharmacy, laboratories, pathology, data centre and administration).

The contract for work of Phase 1 was awarded in public tender for design-build to COPASA, in 2016; with a project by EACSN.

Hospital de Burela Hospital de Burela Hospital de Burela