EACSN Architecture Studio
Health Centre de Haro

Health Centre in Haro, La Rioja
La Rioja, Spain. 2006

Project and supervision of projectss: EACSN S.L.
Structural: Berra Ingenieros
Mechanical and electrical: Everproject S.L.
Contractor: Begar

Budget: 4,5 M €
Built area: 4.695 m2
Site area: 5.459 m2
Consultation rooms: 32
Functional areas:
Emergency / Radiology / Blood extractions / Phisiotherapy / Obstetrics / Mental Health / Odontology / Pediatrics / General Medicine / 061 Emergency service base
Completion date: April 2004

Located in a new development area in the south of the town, surrounded by residential blocks. The building occupies great part the site, and is formed by two blocks of three floors each, separated by patios. The slope of the site permits separate entrances to the health centre and independent zones for the extensive functional program to include Outpatient's Clinics (medical and specialties), Emergency, Radiology, Blood extractions, Emergency Ambulances base, Physiotherapy, Obstetrics, Odontology and Mental Health. External walls are finished in painted brick for softer texture, with vertical rows of windows separated by wood panels, enclosed in a frame of prefabricated concrete.






Health Centre de Haro Health Centre de Haro Health Centre de Haro Health Centre de Haro Health Centre de Haro