EACSN Architecture Studio
Hospital de Chiradzulu

Hospital in Chiradzulu, Malawi
Chiradzulu, Malawi. 2004

Client: Ministry of Health of The Republic of Malawi
Financing: European Union
Project and supervision of projectss: EACSN S.L.
Structural: J.A. Torroja Oficina Técnica
Local Consultants: MOD Chartered Architects / SFS Property Consultants
Mechanical and electrical: Úrculo Ingenieros
Contractor: Fitzpatrick-Nicholas-Shire Joint Ventura

Budget: 13,8 M €
Beds: 300
Built area: 12.500 m2
Completion date: 2004

A rural regional hospital in the town of Chiradzulu, in the Republic of Malawi; Financed and supervised by the European Union, for the Ministry of Health.

The hospital sits on a beautiful spot at the foot of Chiradzulu Mountain. It responds to the needs for health care of a quite large and disperse rural population. The building needs to be self sufficient and highly resolutive; it includes a nearby residential area with houses for medical and nursing staff.

Single floor pavilions with pitched roof and separated by gardens, are connected with covered corridors, providing safety of use, natural ventilation and ease of access, reducing reliance on electromechanical systems and maintenance. The hospital results comfortable and friendly to patients and visitors, making it accessible and culturally integrated.


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