EACSN Architecture Studio
Hospital del Henares

Hospital del Henares, Coslada
Madrid, Spain. 2007

Client: Servicio Madrileño de Salud
Administrative Concession: Testa / Sacyr / Valoriza
Project and supervision of projectss: EACSN S.L.
Structural: Ghesa and Berra Ingenieros
Design and supervision of electro-mechanical: Ghesa
Contractor: Sacyr

Budget: 84 M €
Beds: 239
Built area: 79.800 m2
Completion date: December 2007

Hospital promoted by the Comunidad de Madrid, in the form of concession of construction and non-medical services (Public Private Partnership), so that the Servicio Madrileño de Salud provides only the medical and nursing staff.

The hospital responds to the need of bringing health assistance closer to the population, avoiding trips to the referral hospital that were mandatory before.

The hospital is solved in three assistance floors plus a basement for services, arranged in blocks open to the exterior and large patios. The slope of the site
obliges to step the building leaving locating Outpatient's Departments on the upper level, with the main entrance (also conditioned by the level of the new Metro station in front of the hospital). The rest of assistance areas sit on the lower level and the break-point coincides with the main public corridor , creating a triple height space and light well that lets in natural light,

The slope also creates a basement with parking space for 800 vehicles.

Modular dimension and the layout of main circulation corridors, with a clear separation of public and internal circulations, permit future changes of use and extensions.

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