EACSN Architecture Studio
Hospital de Laredo

Hospital de Laredo
Cantabria, Spain. 2005

Developer: Servicio Cántabro de Salud
Project and supervision of projectss: EACSN S.L.
Structural: Berra Ingenieros
Mechanical and electrical: Everproject S.L.
Contractor: Acciona

Phase 1: 2,675 M €
Phase 2: 4,54 M €

Built area:
Phase 1: 1.958 m2
Phase 2: 4.803 m2

Completion date:
Phase 1: September 2005
Phase 2: March 2008

Extensions made in the first two phases of the master plan "Horizonte", developed by the Servicio Cántabro de Salud that will culminate the complete renovation of the hospital.

Phase 1 incorporated a single floor building that encloses a new Emergency Service and Medical Records. In Phase 2 two new buildings were added with 2 and 3 floors respectively.

The first one includes Maintenance projectsshops and Staff Lockers. The second one houses General Stores, Medical and Surgical Day Hospital plus Endoscopy Area, and Staff on Guard quarters, Teaching Department and Preventive Medicine. Electro-mechanical plants were completely renovated.




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