EACSN Architecture Studio
Hospital de Manises

Hospital de Manises
Valencia, Spain. 2008

Developer: Generalitat Valenciana Consellería de Salut
Administrative Concession: Especializada y Primaria L'Horta Manises S.A., Sanitas, Ribera Salud
Project and supervision of projectss: EACSN S.L.
Structural: Berra Ingenieros
Mechanical and electrical: Promec
Contractor: UTE Sacyr - Rover Alcisa- Secopsa

Budget: 76,8 M €
Beds: 241
Built area: 48.700 m2
Site area: 26.000 m2
Completion date: February 2009

Another example of Public Private Partnership. A mid-size hospital with 240 beds that renders health assistance to fourteen villages of the L'Horta Region, and others located to the west of the city of Valencia.

The small site results in a compact and relatively high building, permitting to establish a proper circulations scheme that avoids non compatible crosses of traffic.

The hospital is configured with two obliquely placed rectangular blocks, de-phased in their ends and forming a 5 degree angle and adapting to the site.

The two longitudinal blocks are joined at the centre and their ends, forming two large trapezoidal patios. At each end one of the blocks extends over the other.

The floor plan adapts to the irregular boundary of the plot, with the front block that houses the patient's ward parallel to the main street. The rear block aligns with the south-west boundary and encloses departments of diagnose and treatment.

The wedge shaped building has six floors plus a basement for parking and the main façade is aligned in NW-SE direction. A separate block at the rear houses the electrical plant and maintenance projectsshops, plus the base for the Emergency Service 112.

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