EACSN Architecture Studio
Hospital Collado Villalba

Hospital Collado-Villalba
Madrid, Spain. 2012

Client: Consejería de Sanidad CAM
Administrative Concession: CAPIO
Project: F. Forwart, S.L.P. (Arquitectos)
Supervision of Construction: EACSN - Javier Lacasa (Arquitecto Técnico)
Structural: Ghesa
Contractor: OHL

Budget: 74,9 M €
Area: 69.066 m2
Start date: 10/1/2011
Completion date: 30/1/2012

Web Hospital Collado Villalba (CAPIO)

EACSN was in charge of the supervision of construction of Collado-Villaba Hospital, promoted by Comunidad de Madrid under PPP scheme, where concession company CAPIO builds the hospital and will render all services, including medical and nursing assistance.

The hospital is formed by compact volume of five storeys above ground level which is divided by courts into separate blocks, all dedicated to assistance areas, plus a basement for service areas and parking. Patients’ wards occupy the upper floors on the north side, cantilevered over the landscape.





Hospital Collado Villalba Hospital Collado Villalba Hospital Collado Villalba