EACSN Architecture Studio
Laboratorios IDIPAZ

Laboratorios IDIPAZ
Madrid, Spain. 2014

Promoter: IDIPAZ- Fundación Investigación Biomédica Hospital Universitario La Paz
Supervision of works of Phase 1: 2013
Preliminary design of Phase 2: 2014
Structural and M&E design: Oficina Técnica de Sacyr Construcción

Budget: 1.444.155 €
Built area: 3.840 m2
Completion date of Phase 1: 2014

Supervision of construction carried out for contractor Sacyr Construcción. The buildig houses the laboratories of Fundación Investigación Biomédica Hospital Universitario La Paz, distributed in six floors plus three basements.

The second basement encloses animal housing rooms with their support areas. Floors comprised between the first basement and sixth include laboratories, offices, meeting rooms and staff areas. Mechanical plants occupy the third basement and the mezzanine.

EACSN produced the preliminary design that served as base for the tender for design-build of Phase 2.

Laboratorios IDIPAZ Laboratorios IDIPAZ