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Otros Centros de Salud

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Since the beginning of our professional activity we have designed a great number of health centres, from small basic units to large complex ones with medical specialties, both as new buildings and renovation/extension of existing ones.

Otros Centros de Salud

Brief photographic sample of health centre projectss:

•Health Centre in Av. de Europa, Leganés, Madrid (1986)

•Health Centre de Campamento, Madrid (1986)

•Health Centre in Calle Cáceres, Alcorcón, Madrid (1987)

•Health Centre in Mercacentro, Leganés, Madrid (1987)

•Renovation and extension Health Centre, Aranjuez, Madrid (1988)

•Health Centre Sector 3, El Tarajal, Ceuta (1988)

•Health Centre in Puerto de Sagunto, Valencia (1989)

•Health Centre in Calle Arroyo de la Media Legua, Madrid (1990)

•Health Centre in San Miguel de Salinas, Alicante (1991)

•Health Centre in Calle San Blas, Parla, Madrid (1992)

•Health Centre in Leganés – Norte, Madrid (1998)

•Health Centre de Tejares, Salamanca (1998)

•Milenium Costa Rica Health Centre, Madrid (1999)